Ground Floor, Freeport

"rock opera"

Wings or None

Hear our first ever released clip, below!

A Recorded-only
Theater Project

WINGS OR NONE is a long time, ongoing, often-stalled but never abandoned project… perfect for DNR (Do Not Release) Records.  With some completed bits and other pieces in progress, it continues to develop. The story and recorded music are growing into a kind of recorded “rock opera.” 

Hear a work-in-progress preview!

This is clip of an unreleased work-in-progress mix we made while arranging vocals and setting tempos on the song, Grace.  Everything you hear will be replaced before release.

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DNR Records will release music from Wings or None, ongoing.  Some of these will be experimental or in development and available only at this site. Some will feature partnerships with talented friends.  More “finished” sections will be sent on to Spotify and the like. Plans are to eventually assemble and release two hours of music as Act One of three.  Stay in touch and miss nothing.

Recorded Rock Opera,
Wings or None

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