Ground Floor, Freeport

This song was created years ago when I was on the road almost constantly. Work was heating up and I seemed to be getting some of what I wished for. But it wasn’t free. It was very rough on family life. I had just come out of a streak of life-changing appearances on national TV and was headed for both another national tour… and a divorce.

“Sometimes I use my head, sometimes my head uses me.”

On DNR release date, the full song will arrive here and in the usual online places like Spotify & iTunes.

For now, hear a clip

Kevin and I had taken to camping on some of our off-nights when in the warmer climates. Around a a few campfires, this song was re-worked and tortured until finished. Creating SO FAR from any expectation of “the music business” (or even electricity) is why the song was allowed to become what it is. Very different and fiercely dramatic.

“Sometimes my vision is clear, sometimes I can’t even see.” 

Teel and I recorded this as a duo only in a live-studio setup when this song was included in our setlist almost every night of the tour.  For that reason, the recording matched our live version EXACTLY.  After holding on to that duo recording for over 20 years, it got the DNR treatment at our GFF studio, adding piano, bass, drums, and arranged vocals. The lead vocal and two acoustic guitars remain exactly as they were originally recorded.