Ground Floor, Freeport


by Tom Acousti and Kevin Teel

…like a bucket of wine.”

Song Lyric


Words Tom Acousti / Music by Tom Acousti & Kevin Teel

You leave him and I’ll leave her
We’ll get right back to where we were
I didn’t know you, you don’t know me
I drink your adrenaline and set me free
I need a hot tongue shivering down my spine
I want to eat your pain ‘cause lord knows I
I don’t wanna taste mine

I’m on your tail I can sniff your track
I pop your top like a cheap six-pack
You tell me some secrets but I know it ain’t true
I want to lie with you baby I don’t want to know you
So feed me some flesh like a bucket of wine
I’m gonna eat your pain ‘cause lord knows I
I don’t wanna taste mine

Yesterday is too hard to swallow
My future is fading like the blues
So I’ve got to chew
On somebody
Somebody new

Well I don’t know how long it’s been
I can’t remember how to look within
I still believe in the Golden Rule
I don’t love me so I don’t have to love you
I’m just another victim and I’m waiting in line
I want to eat your pain ‘cause lord knows I
I don’t wanna taste mine

© DNR Records / Tom Acousti 1993 “all rights reserved”

Kevin Teel
Acoustic Guitar

Kevin Teel - Acoustic Guitar

“I’ve got to chew on somebody new

About the Song

This song was written and produced with Kevin Teel on a road break in South Carolina that was one of the weirdest and most fun times we had touring together. The music came first on this one and informed the words.  It started with Teel playing this minor blues part on acoustic guitar that was a complete grinding groove on its own.  So, the song became about lustful and troubled sexual relationships … about burying one’s hurt in all the wrong places. I hope the theme can be applied to any of the greedy, rapacious behaviors we might use to numb ourselves out.  It’s about how the golden rule breaks down if we don’t love ourselves.