Ground Floor, Freeport

Man Again

by Tom Acousti and Kevin Teel

Originally released in 2001 on the “Boom Where You’re Planted album.

Bass & Cello by
The Nudes

…your footsteps, follow me silent.

Song Lyric

Man Again

Words Tom Acousti / Music by Tom Acousti & Kevin Teel

I walk alone
But your footsteps they follow me silent
I try to run from you
But you always meet me here

From these clouds
I can see you but you stay far below me
I try to call your name
But your feet won’t leave the ground
Then I pull this potion to my lips
And your devotion breaks my grip

And I feel like a man again
I feel like I did back when
My blood was not so cold
Before I dropped my soul
Before I dropped my soul

When I scream
You capture my frenzy with your kindness
I try to torture you
But your mirror lights my fear
Then I drink this poison once again
But I hear your voice forgive my sin


Find my flesh
And take me to the spirit lost and found
Lend me your breath
And help me find the pieces on the ground
And we’ll find that peace is all around


…You helped me find my soul
And I feel like a man again

© DNR Records / Tom Acousti 1995 “all rights reserved”

Kevin Teel
Acoustic Guitar

Kevin Teel - Acoustic Guitar

Bass & Cello by
The Nudes
Bass & Cello by The Nudes

“You helped me
find my soul.”

About the Song

Man Again was written and performed during a dark, yet creative time for me. I was touring nationally with guitarist, Kevin Teel, playing colleges and venues. We were also lucky enough to hone this particular song at venues like The Tin Angel in Philadelphia and The Mercury Lounge in NYC and many colleges.


For me, the song was about the futility of trying to outrun the existential questions that define us all.  It was written in a hotel… a soloist on the road with TOO much time to think, perhaps. It was a time for searching for something greater than me, something greater than what came before.