Ground Floor, Freeport

Mostly, my songs were written as artist-songs to be performed only by me, but there are a few songs that we could see pitching to others. In Nashville, we recorded a few in a country style, with very country sounding vocals…

Crossing Wires

For now, hear a clip

“Could you talk louder, these diesels breathe over my shoulder”

“Thank for the pictures, my little girl seems so much older”

On DNR release date, the full song will arrive here and in the usual online places like Spotify & iTunes.

… The Nashville studio scene is changing now, but for years it was kind of “standard” for pro writers to cut three song demos at a time in a couple of days… fast and inexpensive. For this, I chose Bloom & Crossing Wires from the Bloom album, and an unreleased song, Don’t Look Back.


For this upcoming release, we’ll show you one of those, Crossing Wires, alongside my normal artist version from the Bloom album.