Ground Floor, Freeport

Comedy Series

The River Comics

"Trying to come up with a motto since 2018"

The River Comics are writers, performers, improvisers, and producers that live near, on, around or under the Androscoggin River in Maine. They joined forces in order to spread some laughs, producing shows anywhere within 4000 miles of a river.  We love them at Ground Floor, Freeport and they’re coming back!

Professional Standups in Maine!

Maine is rich in comedy. This, we discovered by partnering with The River Comics for some wild nights of very funny standup comedy. We had such a good time hosting River Comics shows that we partnered with them to bring you a summer comedy series… EVERY FRIDAY night, all summer long. That was 2020 and the pandemic shut everything down. It was a difficult time, but we’re hoping to rebook the entire series starting with our re-grand opening, July 2022.

Hear a bit

Clips from River Comics at Ground Floor, Freeport

It's like being at a NYC comedy club, without the six hour drive

A great room for comedy and great comedy for the room

If you’re lucky enough to have ever been to a great comedy club where the host introduces comic after comic, you know how funny that can be. It takes professional standups, a small room, an uncensored and intimate setting, a microphone, and a stool. GFF is the perfect place for all of these. And with BYOB, drinks are affordable!