Ground Floor, Freeport

    A note from Tom:

    “I met Catie while touring in similar circles where I had the privilege of hearing her live.

    Years later, when Diane and I opened the GFF venue, we decided to cultivate a series, bringing in top-notch acoustic artists. Catie was our very first pick. Sold out in advance, the night was one to remember.”

    Kicking off a SERIES!

    Following Catie’s sold out show, we made a commitment to have her back the following year and to kick off an entire summer series of  amazing acoustic concerts. Of course, the pandemic postponed that plan, but we’ll be back in 2022 with an eclectic mix of both well known and up-and-coming acts.

    We’d love to see Cheryl Wheeler, John Gorka or Martin Sexton here.  That would be amazing in our small 50 seat venue, and tickets wouldn’t be cheap.  But there are also so many amazing lesser-known artists playing smaller venues that we’d like to introduce you to.   Putting it all together might give us a full concert series in summer, 2022.

    Hear a bit

    This excerpt is from Catie’s 2019 GFF performance. After re-opening, we hope to partner with artists like Catie in the future to release music recorded at GFF.